About us

Welcome to the website for the Dutch version of the Quareia course.

This website contains all the Quareia related material that is available in the Dutch language. You can find the original English version on the www.quareia.com website.

The translated materials are not translations that have been officially authorised by Josephine McCarthy, the author, but she has given her permission to publish these translations. The English texts are quite difficult, especially for non-english speaking people, and they are also written from a UK perspective. The Dutch version take into account the background of Dutch and Flemish speaking people, and are much easier to read and process for them.

Please keep in mind that all documents on this site have the same copyright status as the original documents that can be found on www.quareia.com. They are made available for personal use only, and cannot be copied for any other purpose.

The translator has started the huge task of translating the Quareia material, because he noticed that a lot of Dutch speaking people could not fully understand the English texts, especially if they were themselves dyslectic. The translation effort also helped the translator to gain a much more profound and deeper understanding of the multiple layers of the quareia material. Please do not forget that the Language is also an important layer in this type of work. It is the way that information is transferred, and all languages have their own specific vocabulary for specific terms. This is especially true for the esoteric vocabulary, which makes heavy use of Latin and Greek words. Words that have taken on different meanings over the last 2000 years. These meanings are different in different countries, according to their main religion and history. The translator has tried to take all these aspects into account.

I would like to thank Josephine McCarthy for trusting me with the translation of her wonderful and important work, and I hope that the Dutch speaking community puts it all to good use.

I will keep adding modules and texts to this website as they get translated, and I will also adjust the existing files when my understanding of the material reaches Initiate and Adept levels. This is especially true for the document that contains all aspects of the Dutch translation, including a list of translations for specific esoteric words and terms.

Martien van Ee, Translator and webmaster.